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Mike Golic Reveals His Feelings On The Overtime Rule

Mike Golic doesn't care for the NFL overtime rules after what went down with the Bills and Chiefs on Sunday.

The Chiefs won the coin toss and took the ball to make sure the Bills never saw the ball again. Patrick Mahomes drove them down the field and hit Travis Kelce for the game-winning touchdown pass.

Golic was speaking ESPN's Booger McFarland when he confirmed that he wasn't a fan of the OT rules.

"Completely agree about making the stop, do it and you have a chance...separate note, I do not like the OT rule," Golic tweeted.

No matter what happened in this game, the overtime rule was still going to pop up again at some point down the road.

A lot of fans and media members have been wanting the NFL to change it where both teams get a possession, even if the first team scores a touchdown. After that, it could then turn into sudden death.

That said, Buffalo's defense only needed to make one play to win the game and couldn't. Josh Allen should've won the game with 13 seconds left until Patrick Mahomes drove down the field in 10 seconds.

This rule will undoubtedly come up again down the line if another team doesn't possess the ball in OT.