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Mike Greenberg Reveals His True Thoughts On The Cowboys

ESPN personality Mike Greenberg.


Are you buying into the Dallas Cowboys after two weeks? ESPN's Mike Greenberg certainly is.

In the past, Greenberg has admittedly been a major Cowboys skeptic. But after watching Dallas nearly knock off Tampa Bay in Week 1 and then beat the Chargers in Los Angeles in Week 2, he's changed his tune.

On Get Up! earlier today, Greenberg donned a Cowboy hat as he tried to explain to Kimberley A. Martin, Domonique Foxworth and Tim Hasselbeck whey he thinks Dallas is "for real" in 2021.

"Through two weeks, I have been enormously impressed," Greenberg said. "That defense is obviously markedly better than it has been. The two-back attack is effective. They've managed through some adversity on that offensive line to hang in there, and Dak has emerged as a legit, elite NFL quarterback. I think this is the year they finally got it right in Dallas."

Greenberg didn't say what he feels Dallas' ceiling is, but he's made it clear he thinks they are the cream of the NFC East and can hold their own with anyone in the conference.

The Cowboys' offense, as long as Dak is healthy, has never been an issue. With their offensive line mostly intact and their bevy of skill weapons, Dallas will score points.

Defensively is where the issues were last season and where massive improvements needed to be made. Through two weeks, the Cowboys have six takeaways against two quality offenses.

It will be tough to keep up that turnover touch, but as long as Dallas can manage to field an average defensive unit, it should be a factor in the NFC race come January.