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MLB World Reacts To Triple-A Experiment News

A generic photo of two baseball's sitting side-by-side on a field.

(Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)

The "sticky stuff" debacle caused a black eye for Major League Baseball this season. In an attempt to find a more permanent solution, the league is experimenting.

Today, Baseball America's Kyle Glaser reported that MLB will be trying out a new baseball for select games of the end of the Triple-A season. The ball will be pre-tacked for grip purposes.

Earlier this year, when MLB cracked down on the use of sticky substances, it tried to cut the practice out of the sport cold turkey. Now, it looks like the league is going for a compromise: sticky stuff is okay, but only if it is MLB-approved and pre-applied.

It bears watching how this plays out down the stretch in Triple-A.

This offseason, MLB owners and the players' union are set for a showdown. This latest round of labor negotiations are expected to get ugly.

You can bet the new balls and regulating pitchers' use of substances will be topics of conversation at the bargaining table this winter.