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NBA World Reacts To Tony Kornheiser's Trade Suggestion

Tony Kornheiser blasted today's Washington Post cover.


Ben Simmons reportedly wants out of Philadelphia and longtime ESPN host Tony Kornheiser has a destination in mind.

Wednesday night, the Pardon The Interruption co-host stated that the Philadelphia 76ers and Washington Wizards should make a trade.

Korhneiser, a D.C. native, believes the Wizards should give up All-NBA shooting guard Bradley Beal for the former No. 1 overall NBA Draft pick.

"This guy Ben Simmons is a much better defender than Bradley Beal, abetter rebounder, he's a much better passer and will integrate more people on the team and they will be happier," Kornheiser said. "This is a trade that benefits both teams, because Mike, if Bradley Beal goes to the 76ers, they can win a title. He's what they need and Ben Simmons is what 10 guys as rotational players need."

NBA fans aren't so sure, though...

"Beal for Simmons straight up? you gotta be nuts," one fan wrote.

"Tony didn't watch the nba playoffs apparently," another fan added.

"Love Tony Kornheiser but no, the Wizards shouldn't swap Bradley Beal for Ben Simmons right now," another fan wrote.

The Wizards haven't been mentioned much for Simmons, but the 76ers would surely take Beal for him. However, despite Kornheiser's suggestion, it's difficult to imagine Washington showing interest in such a move.