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NFL Fans Aren't Happy With Kirk Cousins On Sunday

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins on Sunday afternoon.

DETROIT, MI - JANUARY 03: Kirk Cousins #8 of the Minnesota Vikings warms up before a game against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field on January 3, 2021 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)

A special moment was about to take place in the NFL's Pro Bowl until it didn't.

Defensive back Trevon Diggs lined up at wide receiver against his brother Stefon (receiver for the Bills) and Kirk Cousins didn't throw the ball that way.

Both players were having fun on the route as Stefon had great coverage, but Trevon was robbed of not having the ball thrown his way.

It didn't take long for the NFL world to roast Kirk Cousins on social media.

The AFC is currently dominating the NFC, 41-28 as the game is currently in the fourth quarter.

Cousins has thrown for 66 yards, plus one touchdown and one interception as he's one of three NFC quarterbacks to play so far.

The AFC was up 28-21 going into halftime but has played solid defense in the second half.

If this matchup comes up again with Cousins in the game, he won't be able to make the same mistake twice.