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NFL World Reacts To Former GM's Wild Jaguars Take

The Jacksonville Jaguars fired head coach Urban Meyer this past week after less than one season on the job before falling to 2-12 with a loss on Sunday to the Houston Texans. Little has gone right for the organization this year, and yet ESPN analyst Mike Tannenbaum thinks the future is bright in Jacksonville.

The former general manager came out swinging on Tuesday's episode of Get Up, calling the Jaguars vacancy "historically great." Tannebaum believes that the opening has plenty to offer, with ample room to upgrade the roster and 2021 No. 1 overall pick Trevor Lawrence still on his rookie deal.

But the ESPN analyst didn't stop there. Tannenbaum went on to call the Jaguars coaching job a more attractive opportunity than the Chicago Bears gig, should Matt Nagy get the boot at the end of this season. He then said that the situation in Jacksonville reminds him of when Steve Kerr became head coach of the Golden State Warriors in 2014.

“He had the foundation there, they made a couple of tweaks, and the rest is history,”

.@RealTannenbaum says the Jags have a more attractive coaching opportunity than Chicago 😳

"This reminds me of when Steve Kerr went to the Warriors and he had the foundation there, they made a couple of tweaks, and the rest is history. They should be in the playoffs next year."

— Get Up (@GetUpESPN) December 21, 2021

">Tannenbaum said. “This is a team that should be in the playoffs next year with a great young quarterback.”

Considering the Warriors were a playoff team before Kerr's arrival and the Jaguars are on track to finish with the worst record in the NFL for the second year in a row, Tannenbaum's comparison is a bit off base. Fans and media members blasted the former general manager for putting Jacksonville in the same conversation as a Golden State team that turned into an NBA dynasty.

The Jaguars vacancy might be attractive in Tannenbaum's eyes, but a lot will be riding on who Jacksonville chooses to hire as its next head coach. The organization can't afford to have what happened with Meyer take place again, or else it'll struggle to win at all, much less grow into a Warriors-like dynasty.

All eyes will be on the Jaguars this winter to see who the next head coach in Jacksonville will be.