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NFL World Reacts To Colin Cowherd's Controversial Opinion

Colin Cowherd talks Russell Wilson trade rumors.


FOX Sports 1 radio host Colin Cowherd is never afraid to ruffle a few feathers with his opinions. And on Monday, "The Herd" had a message for those complaining about the NFL's overtime rules, following Sunday's night's thrilling Chiefs-Bills game.

"Stop whining about OT rules," Cowherd tweeted. "Make a stop. One. Bills had plenty of chances to wrap that puppy up. Didn’t. Cya next season."

"Hot take coming in," responded Joe St. George.

"Couldn't agree more," commented KCCI's Jeff Dubrof.

"I wouldn't describe myself as 'whining about OT rules,'" tweeted Pro Football Talk's Michael David Smith. "But I would say that it's foolish to keep a rule that so heavily rewards a coin flip winner when the 'spot and choose' option eliminates the importance of the coin flip but otherwise keeps OT intact."

"Understood," one user responded to Cowherd's take. "However, folks can still believe the Bills blew it but want a new ruling on OT. It can be both."

"Let’s see the Chiefs try and make a stop as well too, Colin," another user chimed in. "If everyone is screaming 'play defense' well let them both play defense."

Not exactly a take fans in Upstate New York want to hear today.