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NFL World Reacts To Colin Cowherd's Wild Trade Suggestion

Colin Cowherd talks Russell Wilson trade rumors.


Colin Cowherd has a wild trade suggestion for Bill Belichick and the Patriots.

The talent levels of Mac Jones and Josh Allen were on full display during the Bills-Patriots playoff game last Saturday night. It's a wide gap between the two.

Sure, Jones is only a rookie. He'll need a few years until he can become a consistently reliable NFL starter. But it's tough to imagine he'll ever be on Allen's level. That should be a major concern for Belichick and Co.

Cowherd thinks the Patriots should trade Jones and find a better quarterback this offseason.

"Bill Belichick has always viewed players as pieces, parts. He doesn't get emotional," Cowherd

Don't be surprised if the Patriots look to move Mac Jones...

"Bill Belichick wants Super Bowls. Good luck being absolutely a tier below." —

— Herd w/Colin Cowherd (@TheHerd) January 17, 2022

">said on Monday. "He's moved off great players, Pro Bowlers. He wanted to move off [Tom] Brady. He moved off [Jimmy] Garoppolo. [Josh] Allen in the last two games has been so devastating, unstoppable and jaw-dropping. Could Belichick, and this was a great defense, be thinking, 'I probably gotta trade Mac Jones? Because if this is a gun fight, I'm not sufficiently armed.'"

It may sound crazy, but it's probably not too far fetched.

Bill Belichick wants Super Bowl rings. Can Mac Jones get him one in the next few years? Probably not.

"This isn’t so far fetched. I can absolutely see Belichick trading Mac especially if he can get a top tier QB," a fan said. "I know pats hate to hear it because they already grew to love Mac, but I would trade him in a heart beat for a Russell Wilson/ Deshaun Watson."

The Patriots don't exactly have a quarterback problem though. They need to improve on the defensive side of the ball and add a few more weapons on offense.

Trading for a better quarterback doesn't automatically ensure a Super Bowl.

"Move Mac Jones, when that defense gave up 7 TDs and no stops at all got beat down from start to finish," another fan commented.

"Awesome, trade him for Russell. What are you gonna do about the defense giving up 40? Russ rushing the passer as well? He play linebacker also? You’re a hired professional and this is your take…..," a fan said.

Will Belichick try and ship Jones elsewhere this coming offseason?

If he does then the Patriots are truly desperate.