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NFL World Reacts To Drew Brees' 3 Suggestions

Drew Brees stands on the field.

TAMPA, FLORIDA - SEPTEMBER 09: Drew Brees stands on the sideline during the game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Dallas Cowboys at Raymond James Stadium on September 09, 2021 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)

New Orleans Saints legend Drew Brees was on both sides of some very controversial officiating during his career. In the wake of the wild weekend of playoff football, he has some thoughts on ways to fix the game even further.

Taking to Twitter on Monday, Brees proposed three things the NFL can modify next year. He's advocating for a re-evaluation of the rougher the passer rule, improved protection of below-the-knee hits on receivers and tweaking the overtime rule.

"Three things @NFL should modify for next year: 1. Roughing the Passer. Let’s evaluate the description of this rule…it’s become a game changer. 2. Protect receivers from the knee down (Chris Godwin) 3. OT - either both sides get a possession or go to college rules."

As you can imagine, there hasn't been universal agreement on those changes. Some like the ideas while others believe there are some problems with his second and third suggestions:

There's likely to be renewed conversations on the overtime rule in particular after how yesterday's game ended. An epic shootout between Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and Bills QB Josh Allen ended without Allen getting a chance to respond to Mahomes' overtime TD.

Ironically, it was the Chiefs who previously suggested a tweak to the overtime rule three years ago when they lost in a similar manner against the New England Patriots.

We could see some of Drew Brees' suggestions discussed during meetings in the offseason. But it seems unlikely that all of them will be implemented in one o.

What are your thoughts on Drew Brees' suggested rule changes?