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NFL World Reacts To Michael Vick's Honest Admission

Michael Vick speaking to the media.

PHILADELPHIA - AUGUST 14: Michael Vick of the Philadelphia Eagles speaks at a press conference at the NovaCare Complex on August 14, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Vick signed a one-year contract, with a second year option, with the Eagles. (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)

How good would legendary Virginia Tech quarterback Michael Vick be if he played in the National Football League today?

When Vick first entered the league in the early 2000s, there were not a ton of running quarterbacks. Vick possessed a strong arm and incredible speed. While he had a very good career with the Falcons and the Eagles, many wonder how he would have fared in today's game.

With dual-threat quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen and others thriving, could Vick have done the same?

The ex-NFL quarterback seems to think so.

"All the time," Vick said when asked if he thinks about it. "If I was playing right now it'd be curtains."

Many in the NFL world seem to agree.

"Just look at how Kordell Stewart’s career played out in the late 90s, a proper OC could have made Slash as big of a superstar as Mike Vick became. Instead, no one knew how to capitalize on a dual threat like Slash," one fan admitted.

"100%," another fan wrote.

Vick had major praise for today's coaches, too.

“I always give a lot of credit to the offensive coordinators, these guys are super talented, but you gotta bring that out, offensive coordinators like Brian Daboll helping guys like Josh Allen, become the best versions of themselves," he admitted.

How would Vick have fared in today's game?