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NFL World Reacts To The Bills' Playoff Performance

New England Patriots Vs. Buffalo Bills at Highmark Stadium

Orchard Park, NY - January 15: Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen leaves Patriots defenders and a towel in the background as he runs for a long first half gain. The Buffalo Bills host the New England Patriots in a AFC wild-card game Saturday night January 15, 2022 at Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park, NY. (Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

It's time to start taking Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills seriously, in case you weren't already.

The Bills looked like a legitimate Super Bowl contender in a 47-17 blowout of the New England Patriots on Saturday night. It was so much more than a postseason win.

The Patriots have ran the AFC East for two decades. Now, it's the Bills' turn to run the division. Saturday night's playoff battle appeared to be a passing of the torch.

The Bills deserved Saturday night's playoff victory after all they've been through over the past 20 years. Buffalo has advanced to the Divisional Round.

"THAT'S A BILLS WIN!!!," the team said on Twitter.

"Crying with joy for my kid who is at the game," a fan said. "It's not always easy being a Bills fan, but it is definitely worth it. Go Bills!"

"What a thing of beauty!! Always a good day when the Patriots get beat bad," another commented. "An even better day when it’s the Bills putting the hurt on them!!! Let’s Go Buffalo!!!!"

"That was beautiful," one fan said. "Patriots eating their own medicine. That was so satisfying!!"

The Bills' blowout win had to feel good for a number of reasons. They've not only advanced in the postseason - they also bounced the Patriots out of the playoffs.

The Buffalo Bills are for real.