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NFL World Reacts To Tuesday's Andy Dalton News

It's official: Andy Dalton will start for the Chicago Bears when they battle Tim Boyle and the Detroit Lions for Thanksgiving football.

Justin Fields is dealing with a rib injury and won't be 100 percent in time for Thursday's game. That means Matt Nagy and the Bears will turn to Dalton to deliver a win on the biggest football day of the year.

Let's be honest: this is a pretty massive disappointment. We already have to suffer though a Lions offense led by Boyle. Now, we won't even get to watch the rookie Fields, who is no doubt an exciting player.

Bears vs. Lions this Thursday might be one of the worst Thanksgiving games of all-time.

It's safe to say NFL fans aren't excited about the Andy Dalton news.

"I can’t imagine a sadder match up than the Lions and the Bears without their upcoming prospect QB…Maybe the Bears with Trubisky?" one fan said.

One NFL fan thinks the league should move away from NFC North games on Thanksgiving and cut the schedule down from three to two games.

"At some point, we really need to get Detroit out of this thing. Go back down to 2 games, a noon game, and a late-night game, with a break in between," a fan commented.

Take a look at what others are saying about the latest Andy Dalton news.

If you need to get some cooking done on Thanksgiving day, get it done during the Bears-Lions game.

Trust us, you won't be missing much.