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NFL World Reacts To Wednesday's Jaguars News

Earlier today, reports from ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter revealed that the Jacksonville Jaguars still have a ways to go before they make their final head coaching decision.

As of right now, the list of candidates seems to have been narrowed down to three options: Buccaneers offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich, Packers offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett and Colts defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus.

According to reports from Jacksonville

It's not over yet. #Jaguars will have a second interview Thursday with Green Bay Packers OC Nathaniel Hackett, per NFL source.

— Eugene Frenette (@GeneFrenette) January 27, 2022

">insider Eugene Frenette, Nathaniel Hackett will have his second interview with the organization on Thursday.

The Jags were reportedly "impressed" by Byron Leftwich in his second interview on Tuesday, but have not yet made an offer. With the former Jacksonville QB the clear fan-favorite to claim the job, many Jaguars fans seem to be disappointed by this news.

"I like Hackett but this would be incredible poverty by the Jags to pivot off Byron now," one wrote.

"Wow. Big news tonight in Jacksonville. I’m still confident Byron will be the HC," another added.

"Istg if they don’t hire Byron Leftwitch bro ……. It’s no way he should get this job," another said.

Hackett is currently also being considered as a top candidate for the Denver Broncos' coaching vacancy.

Who do you think the Jaguars should hire?