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NFL World Reacts To What Rex Ryan Said On Sunday

ESPN's Rex Ryan breaks down on Sunday NFL Countdown.

Never one to hold his tongue, former NFL coach and current ESPN personality Rex Ryan took a not-so-thinly veiled shot at Bill Belichick on Sunday.

During a segment on "Sunday NFL Countdown," Ryan spoke on the possibility of Tom Brady retiring after the season.

"The reason the Bucs won the Super Bowl is because of Tom Brady, they know that," Ryan said, via Twitter account Dov Kleiman. "Some people in New England thought it was because of somebody else, they now know they were wrong."

Rex's statement got the NFL world talking on social media. "Rex still trying to get at Belichick," laughed CBS SportsLine's Allan Bell.

"What a stupid thing to say," replied one user.

"Although I agree with this it was always evident . Bill is an football genius but never will a coach be more impactful than an elite QB," another user commented.

"I love Rex throwing strays at BB," a fan tweeted.

Brady will attempt to separate himself even more from Belichick with a divisional round win over the LA Rams on Sunday.