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NFL World Reacts To What Tony Romo Said About Dak Prescott

Tony Romo during a golf outing this year.

SPRINGFIELD, MO - JULY 22: Tony Romo, former NFL quarterback, looks on from the 17th tee during the first round of the Price Cutter Charity Championship presented by Dr. Pepper at Highland Spring Country Club on July 22, 2021 in Springfield, Missouri. (Photo by James Gilbert/PGA TOUR)

Tony Romo didn't like how Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott handled the end of the game on Sunday.

After Prescott slid at the 25-yard line, he hurried up to the line with the center but didn't find the ref so he could properly spot the ball.

Romo confirmed during the broadcast on CBS that Prescott should've done that the second he got up.

"You can't set your own balls, you have to give it to the ref," Romo explained. "Dak Prescott should've looked and found the ref. You can't give it to your center."

That ended up costing the Cowboys the game as they couldn't get the spike in time since they had no timeouts. Dallas also probably should've called a better play than a quarterback draw up the middle with such little time left. The NFL world mostly agreed with Romo in this situation.

Now that this happened, Prescott will more than likely start doing this more in practice so it never comes up again.

As for the team overall, it remains to be seen if there's some surgery performed this offseason.