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NFL World Reacts To What Urban Meyer Said Today

Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer on Monday.

It seems like every week, there's at least one new example signaling that perhaps Urban Meyer isn't cut out for this whole NFL thing.

This afternoon, during his Monday press conference, Meyer told reporters he likes the offensive identity of his 0-5 Jaguars team. The first-year head coach went on to say he hopes for 250 yards rushing and 250 yards passing every game.

This isn't anything Meyer hasn't said before. Back when he was at Ohio State and later working in television, he listed his criteria for a "perfect game" as no turnovers, no penalties, 250 yards rushing and 250 yards passing.

The problem is that statistical output is borderline impossible in the NFL. Putting up 500 yards of total offense is a tough task at the professional level, even if you're an elite team, and even if you do that, having that "250/250" balance is pretty unrealistic.

Meyer may not realize that, but plenty of people covering the NFL do.

Now, in some fairness to Meyer, it is good to strive for perfection. You'll never reach that point, but you can have a lot of success making that the ultimate goal.

However, there have to be realistic expectations here. When your team is 0-5, it's probably not a good idea to set your sights as high as Meyer says he is doing.

Or at least don't tell anyone publicly if you are.