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Peyton Manning Named The Best Athlete He Ever Played With

Peyton Manning had high praise for a current NFL player during Monday night's playoff game.

The NFL legend called Rams defensive lineman Von Miller the most athletic player he's ever played with.

NFL insider Ian Rapoport and Pat McAfee discussed Manning's comments on Tuesday afternoon.

McAfee: "Peyton said last night, 'He's the most athletic person I've ever played football with. Said, 'He would do his warmups with linebackers and then he would come up for 1-on-1's with wide receivers.'"

Rapoport: "You know what I thought was interesting about the broadcast last night. I think it was Russell Wilson who was saying it. He basically didn't think Von Miller was really in shape at the beginning of the year. If you watched him it kind of made sense. ... He made be at full strength and really in shape now more so than at any point during the season. I thought he looked really good last night."

McAfee: "Good on the Rams going all in. Bringing him in. Bringing Stafford in. It seems to be all working out."

Peyton Manning played with hundreds of players throughout his career. It's pretty remarkable Von Miller got such high praise from the NFL legend.

Miller is just one of several veteran stars the Rams signed for this season. Others like Matthew Stafford and Odell Beckham Jr. have proven to be key players for the organization.