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Ray Liotta Has Pretty Stunning 'Field Of Dreams' Admission

Add legendary actor Ray Liotta to the short list of folks who somehow still haven’t seen Field of Dreams. Yes, you read that right--Liotta, who played Shoeless Joe Jackson in arguably the most famous baseball movie of all time, hasn’t actually watched the film. 

On Tuesday’s episode of the Dan Patrick Show, Liotta admitted that he’s not so keen on watching his own movies, which might not have been breaking news to die-hard Liotta fans.

Appearing on the Rich Eisen Show five months ago, Liotta divulged that he’d only seen Goodfellas, perhaps the actor’s most critically acclaimed film, twice.

Back in June, when Eisen asked Liotta how on earth he hadn’t watched Field of Dreams, Liotta’s reasoning was straightforward: he’d never loved the script.

“I read [Field of Dreams] andit was only my third movie,” Liotta told Eisen. “And I said, this is so silly. This guy hears voices and he’s got a cornfield. He makes a baseball field and removes the corn? When I read the script, I thought it was the silliest, silliest thing. And obviously I was wrong.”

While Liotta can admit he was wrong about the script, which was brought to life by director Phil Alden Robinson, he ought to give the finished product a look. Field of Dreams,released in 1989, is already 32 years old.

Joe Jackson was the same age during the 1919 World Series (and ensuing scandal).