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Report: Big 12 "Seriously Considering" Adding 1 School

Rumors about the Big 12 potentially expanding have been swirling ever since Oklahoma and Texas announced that they're heading to the SEC. On Friday, the college football world found out at least one of the teams on the conference's radar.

According to Max Olson and Andy Staples of The Athletic, the Big 12 is "seriously discussing" BYU as a potential expansion team.

"They’re still very early in this process, but Big 12 sources tell The Athletic there’s one school they’re already seriously discussing: BYU," Olson and Staples wrote.

This potential pairing between the Big 12 and BYU is in the early stages, so it could be a while until we hear more about it. Nonetheless, it's still exciting to hear which programs could be on the Big 12's wishlist for expansion.

Adding a program like BYU would make a lot of sense for the Big 12. The Cougars are currently independent and have proven in the past that they can compete with Power Five teams.

Whether or not BYU wants to join the Big 12 is unknown at this time. The conference will certainly lose some of its appeal when Oklahoma and Texas are out of the picture.

Of course, the Big 12 wants to find as many reinforcements as it can to make sure it stays afloat once it loses its top two teams. Making BYU its newest member wouldn't solve all of the Big 12's problems, but it would be a great start.