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Rex Ryan Names The "Most Dangerous" Team In NFL

ESPN's Rex Ryan breaks down on Sunday NFL Countdown.

ESPN's Rex Ryan has his "most dangerous" team in the NFL and it's a team that's starting to get a lot more media attention.

Ryan is very high on the Indianapolis Colts and who wouldn't be after the last two weeks? They've taken down two of the best teams in the NFL in the Patriots and Cardinals mainly due to their running game and stout defense.

He spoke on Sunday's edition of NFL Countdown and gave his reasoning for why they're the most dangerous team.

“I think [the Colts are] the most dangerous team in the NFL if they’re healthy," Ryan said. "The thing that amazed me, they had three starting offensive linemen out of the game and two other linemen go out during the game. When Frank Reich talks about such a huge team win, that's why. They overcame all those types of things and had their defensive leader out, and still win against a team that's won 10 games. I'm telling you, no one wants to see this team in the playoffs."

The 22-16 win on Saturday night got the Colts to 9-6 overall as they will likely hold onto their playoff spot going into Week 17.

They're also still only a game back of the Titans for first in the AFC South.

Next up will be a date with the Las Vegas Raiders on Jan. 2 at 1 p.m. ET.