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Former Patriots Linebacker Has Telling Admission On Cam Newton

Several factors led to the New England Patriots' decision to cut Cam Newton this week, such as his command of the locker room and vaccination status. Judging by the latest report, it appears there might be another reason why Newton was released.

According to former Patriots linebacker Rob Ninkovich, rookie quarterback Mac Jones had to help Newton learn the team's playbook.

"I got some inside sources now, and I won't say names, but from what I gained from sources inside the actual building... Mac was basically helping Cam learn the playbook," Ninkovich said. "Mac was having less mental errors and a better understanding of the offense."

Ninkovich also mentioned that Newton didn't run the no-huddle offense or two-minute drill in the preseason. Perhaps that's because he was reportedly not up to speed with the playbook.

From the outside looking in, the thought of Jones helping Newton with the playbook seems bizarre. Newton signed with the Patriots in 2020, so he should know what offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels wants from his quarterbacks.

On the other hand, Ninkovich knows a thing or two about the Patriots. He was a member of the team from 2009 to 2016.

As for Newton's future in the NFL, it seems like that's up in the air right now.

“Dallas was a spot that I think some prognosticators thought ‘Well, maybe they don’t have an established No. 2.’ OK, that would make some sense. If it’s not going to happen there, I’m looking around the league. Unless I’m missing something, I really don’t see a landing spot,” NFL Network's Ian Rapoport said.

Hopefully, we'll see Newton land on his feet in the near future.