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Several NFL Stars Had Same Reaction To Bucs' Last Defensive Play Call

Several star players around the NFL were perplexed by the Bucs' defensive call on the last play of the game.

Defensive coordinator Todd Bowles dialed up a Cover 0 call which is when most of the players on defense blitz, except for the corners who are utilized for man-coverage. Safety Antoine Winfield Jr. was also left in coverage against Rams star wide receiver Cooper Kupp.

Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford stood in against the blitz and delivered a 44-yard strike to Kupp to set the Rams up in field-goal range.

Kicker Matt Gay then hit a 30-yard attempt to send his team to the NFC Championship Game.

After the game ended, numerous NFL players (and former players) voiced their displeasure with Bowles on social media after calling Cover 0.

This ended a wild fourth quarter which saw the Buccaneers erase a three-touchdown deficit. The Rams looked to be on their way to a full self-destruction before Stafford hit that throw.

Up next will be an NFC West battle with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line. The 49ers have beaten the Rams the last six times in their head-to-head.

Hopefully, both of these teams know not to call cover zero if that situation comes up next weekend.