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Skip Bayless Has Absurd Reaction To Tom Brady News

Skip Bayless discussing ESPN's all-time list.


Skip Bayless had the reaction we were all expecting when he saw the Tom Brady retirement reports on Saturday.

"Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. ...," Bayless said on Twitter.


It's too bad Undisputed isn't on today. We'll have to wait until Monday morning to hear what else Bayless has to say about the Brady retirement reports.

That's not all Skip Bayless had to say. He also questioned why Tom Brady is leaving when he's still at the top of his game.

"As I reported on Tuesday's Undisputed, an extremely reliable source inside the Bucs told me they would be shocked if Brady played next season. WHICH SHOCKED ME," said Bayless. "He's playing as great as he ever has! Say it ain't so, Tom! Can't your family wait at least one more year? Brady, gone."

The NFL won't be the same without Tom Brady.

He's the greatest quarterback in the history of the sport and there really isn't much of a debate.

With all that being said, Tom Brady's retirement isn't confirmed yet.

Brady's agent released a statement to address the reports on Saturday afternoon. He didn't confirm or deny that Brady is retiring. Instead, he indicated that Brady will address the matter at a later date.

Maybe Brady had a change of heart? It's unlikely, and Bayless knows it.