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Skip Bayless Says Tom Brady's Comments Are 'Horrifying'

Skip Bayless discussing ESPN's all-time list.


Following the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' exit from the playoffs last weekend, rumors about Tom Brady retiring have started to run rampant. The 44-year-old quarterback poured gasoline on the first with a cryptic Instagram post on Tuesday.

Two days after the Bucs' divisional-round playoff loss to the Los Angeles Rams, Brady took to social media to reflect on the team's accomplishments this year. He called what Tampa did in the season after winning a Super Bowl "incredibly rewarding", but didn't give any further insight on his future plans.

Although the post seemed harmless enough, Skip Bayless found one aspect about the quarterback's words "horrifying." The FOX Sports host explained that everything Brady wrote was in past tense, as if his career was in the rearview mirror.

“All he did, this was his final message on Instagram to his team,” Bayless said

Tom Brady thanks teammates in lengthy IG post

"What is horrifying to me is that it was all past tense. Tom Brady has NEVER been about past tense. I'm going to miss him and the game will miss him. He's the GOAT." —

— UNDISPUTED (@undisputed) January 26, 2022

"> on Wednesday’s episode of “Undisputed” on FS1. “And again, what is horrifying to me is it’s all past tense, and it’s all about gratitude, it’s all about thank you, I love you all, thank you for living and dying with me this year, because, as he said, we went out fighting. Past tense, past tense, past tense. He’s never been about past tense.”

I told you (Tuesday) to start the show, a high-ranking Tampa Bay source told me that they were horrified because they wanted to hear after the game, ‘Let’s go,’ ” Bayless continued. “Because after the Super Bowl win, it was, ‘Hell yeah, I’m coming back.’ Like he was offended by the question. He was not offended by the question (Sunday); he ducked it and dodged it and said, ‘I need some time.’ And my source told me, ‘We will be surprised,’ and then he amended to ‘No, we will be shocked … if he comes back and plays.’ And he’s talking about football, period.”

Bayless might be overreacting, but between the Instagram post and Brady's candid comments on his Monday podcast, the 44-year-old sounds like he's nearing the end of the line in football. Although he had one of the best performances in the league this year during the regular season, the seven-time Super Bowl champ appears almost ready to move on.

“It’s starting to feel like — which is unfathomable to me, as a Brady believer — that he came in quietly as a sixth-round draft choice, and it feels like he’s going to exit quietly,” Bayless said. “It just feels like he’s suddenly just gone. And I can’t wrap my mind around him being gone, because I’m gonna miss him, I think the game is gonna miss him, I think you (Shannon Sharpe) will miss him — just because he’s the GOAT and he’s still playing at the highest of levels. And I can’t make peace with the fact that he would leave it like that.”

Over the last two decades, Brady has become the greatest quarterback of all time. If this is the end of his career, he'll walk away with a legacy that will never be forgotten.