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Sports Media World Reacts To Mina Kimes' Honest Admission

Mina Kimes does a spot on SportsCenter for ESPN.

Mina Kimes/ESPN.

Mina Kimes has risen quickly in the sports media world, thanks to her strong on-screen presence and hard-hitting analysis. Unfortunately, a few sexist sports fans just can't appreciate her talent.

Kimes received a nasty and sexist email from an individual named "Charles Brown" on Monday. He accused the 36-year-old ESPN analyst of knowing "nothing" about male sports.

"Mina, stop embarrassing yourself and pretending to actually know anything about male sports," Brown said in the email. "The only reason you're at ESPN is due to affirmative action. ... Viewers see you as a bad joke that they're forced into enduring."

Being the class act that she is, Kimes responded with humor. She then followed that up with a message about awareness regarding the constant sexism thrown her way.

"Sir this is a Wendy's," Kimes replied. "... I understand that 'Don't amplify' argument, I really do. But I get asked by women every day whether it's normal, and I want people to see: It never ends and it has absolutely nothing to do you with."

Take a look.

The good news is thousands of Mina Kimes fans have taken to Twitter to voice their support for the talented NFL analyst. Take a look at a few of those supportive messages below.

Even ESPN's Jeff Saturday chimed in and voiced his support for Kimes.

It's an absolute shame Mina Kimes receives such nasty emails. She's one of ESPN's most talented employees.

It's a massive disappointment sexism is so ever present, especially in the sports world, in 2022.