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Sports Media World Reacts To The Bomani Jones News

ESPN host Bomani Jones.


Last week, prominent ESPN personality Katie Nolan announced she was leaving the network. Nolan had been with the Worldwide Leader for a couple of years, but never seemed to find the ideal role. And now, she's leaving.

This week, another prominent ESPN exit is reportedly on the verge of happening.

According to a report from New York Post's Andrew Marchand, Bomani Jones is on the verge of leaving ESPN.

Marchand reports that Jones' ESPN run is "all but over."

Jones has been with ESPN for several years, appearing on shows like Around The HornHighly Questionable and High Noon, among other places.

Sports fans are disappointed to hear about his likely departure.

"If ESPN lets Bomani walk, it's by far the dumbest move possible. If I'm starting a media first 2 draft picks. Bomani and Spain," one fan tweeted.

"Good a place like Meadowlark will use him correctly. Hope he continues the HBO show with Costas as well," another fan tweeted.

"Not much of a surprise here. He ll end up at Meadowlark," one fan added.

Former ESPN president John Skipper said last week that he was interested in hiring Nolan and Michelle Beadle at Meadowlark, the company started by ex-ESPNer Dan Le Batard. You have to think that Jones will be added to the list.

“Yes, I enjoyed working with them. Yes, I think they’re talented. Of course, Meadowlark would be interested,” Skipper told Front Office Sports Thursday.

It will be interesting to see where Jones ends up.