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Sports Media World Reacts To The Bryce Young News

Just a few days after making his first career start, Alabama quarterback Bryce Young locked in a major NIL endorsement.

The deal, which is with Colin Cowherd's The Volumepodcast network, calls for Young to have his own weekly eponymous podcast. Jake Crain, another host in The Volume family, will serve as Young's co-host.

“There is no brand in college football bigger than Alabama, and there is no position more celebrated than playing quarterback,” Cowherd said. “I just thought, you know what? This is really cool. It’s an opportunity for fans to hear somebody, to get the perspective of the quarterback, the on-field coach of Alabama, the best dynasty of my life. So it just felt kind of natural.”

Given Cowherd's profile in the sports media world, this is a noteworthy agreement for Young. It's not the first of its kind either--and it definitely won't be the last.

The reaction to the Young news around the sports media world was mostly positive--though Fox Sports Radio host Doug Gottlieb raised an interesting point about potential conflicts of interest.

In addition to providing a platform for Young, Cowherd's network previously inked a deal with four Notre Dame football players, including projected first-round pick Kyle Hamilton.

Who will be the next college star to join The Volume family?