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Sports World Reacts To J.R. Smith's Big News

J.R. Smith dribbling the ball.

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 25: JR Smith #5 of the Cleveland Cavaliers dribbles down the court in the third period against the Brooklyn Nets during their game at Barclays Center on March 25, 2018 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)

When former NBA guard J.R. Smith went back to school, he set a goal for himself to land a 4.0 GPA. On Tuesday, Smith thought he fell short but ultimately was surprised with some good news.

"Grades are in!" Smith tweeted. "4.0... I’m going FU$&@ing NUTTTTTSSSSSS!!!" The NBA champion enrolled at North Carolina A&T and walked-on to the school's golf team earlier this year. Since then, Smith's schooling has gained quite the following. With many NBA fans cheering Smith on in this next phase of his life.

"Man this is the best story of 2021," one fan said.

"As well you should be," said CBS Sports' Amy Trask. "That which you are accomplishing is magnificent, that you are sharing your story and thus inspiring others is magnificent - yay you - now go celebrate with some ice cream - and hi."

"The content we need," replied another fan.

"This is my favorite sports-adjacent story of the year," said The Undefeated's Justin Tinsley. "Everything about it is dope as hell. Congrats, JR."