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TCU Star RB Sends Clear Message Amid Deion Sanders Rumors

Deion Sanders on the red carpet. He is now head coach of Jackson State football.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - FEBRUARY 05: TV personality/retired NFL player Deion Sanders walks the Blue Carpet at the 2015 Pepsi Rookie of the Year Award Ceremony at Pepsi Super Friday Night at Pier 70 on February 5, 2016 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images for Pepsi)

TCU star running back Zach Evans wants Deion Sanders to be his next head coach.

The Horned Frogs parted ways with Gary Patterson earlier this season in a fairly surprising move. Now, they're on the search for a new head coach.

Believe it or not, Sanders is in consideration for the job. "Prime Time" has been coaching at Jackson State for the past year and has had some strong success, especially on the recruiting front. He even has the support of one of TCU's top players.

Evans went public with his wanting of TCU to hire Sanders via Twitter on Friday afternoon.

When the players back a candidate it's tough for university leaders to go a different direction. Deion Sanders would bring plenty of excitement with him to TCU.

The real question is would Sanders leave his current gig at an HBCU program? The NFL legend has worked wonders garnering publicity at Jackson State, which was one of his goals when he accepted the job.

Here's what Sanders had to say about why he accepted the Jackson State gig in the first place:

“I was called by God himself. Not the man next to the man, but God himself to come here and provoke change," Sanders explained, via The Undefeated. "And when I say change, I mean change. I mean come in one way and leave another. Change. I mean think one way and then think another. Look one way and then look another. That’s what I mean by change. Come in here flat like a dollar and come out four quarters. I mean change."

Will Deion Sanders leave behind his mission to coach the TCU Horned Frogs?

It's probably only a matter of time before he takes the jump to Division-I football. Why not now?