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Terrell Owens Has A Blunt Message For Donovan McNabb

Terrell Owens being inducted into the Hall Of Fame.

SANTA CLARA, CA - NOVEMBER 01: 2018 Hall of Fame inductee Terrell Owens speaks during a ceremony at halftime of the game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raiders at Levi's Stadium on November 1, 2018 in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images)

In recent months, a handful of former professional athletes have made way for the boxing ring for high-profile, celebrity matches. Former Hall of Fame wide receiver Terrell Owens recently became the latest big name to express interest in a fight.

And he already has a an opponent in mind.

Owens revealed that wants to fight former Philadelphia Eagles teammate Donovan McNabb, if the two can come to an agreement to get in the ring. He vowed that he would knockout the former quarterback to Shannon Sharpe in an appearance on the "Shay Shay Club" podcast.

"Shannon, I'll knock him out," Owens told Sharpe. "... It'll be controlled anger. I'll be like a Navy SEAL. I'll be a Navy SEAL. 'Cause they're cool, calm under all conditions... But, there would be a fire burning inside of me."

Owens explained that a few people have hounded him recently about getting in the ring. He thinks that McNabb would be the logical opponent and his top choice to go up against.

"I had people asking me, 'T.O., you next? You next?!'" Owens said. "And, then I had one guy that was like, 'Yo. If you had to fight, who would you want to fight? I said, Donovan McNabb."

Owens and McNabb have pretty publicly feuded over the last decade-plus, dating all the way back to the end of their time together with the Eagles. That's why the 47-year-old, former wide receiver is ready to get in the ring and doesn't plan on holding anything back.

"I'd knock Chunky Soup from him," Owens said. "From 2004! Trust me. All the heartache and all the stuff that I went through -- me trying to be the nice guy!"

If Owens wasn't able to convince McNabb to fight, he revealed that he's spoken to Brandon Marshall about potentially getting in the ring. That's also a fight that NFL fans would love to see.

For the most part, celebrity boxing matches rarely live up to the hype that surrounds the event beforehand, but if Owens is involved, any fight will surely be entertaining.