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NFL World Reacts To Ridiculous Tim Tebow Claim

Tim Tebow is trending on Twitter on Monday morning.

An American commentator endorsed by former president Donald Trump believes that Tebow was "blackballed" by the National Football League.

Tebow, 34, played in the NFL from 2010-15 and again in 2021. He was a part of the Jacksonville Jaguars, though he was released prior to the regular season.

"Richard Sherman was charged with 5 misdemeanors, including resisting arrest and a DUI, now he is starting for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tim Tebow is a National Champion Heisman winning QB/TE who is also a devout Christian, and the NFL has black-balled him. BOYCOTT THE NFL!" Nick Adams tweeted.

Of course, that's a ridiculous claim. Tebow was most certainly not blackballed from the National Football League. He just wasn't that good of a quarterback. Tebow got several chances, including one from his college coach in Urban Meyer. "Yes, Tim Tebow was blackballed for being a devout Christian. Indeed, the NFL contains no devout Christians and frowns upon any and all references to God and Jesus," Mike Florio tweeted sarcastically.

"Tim Tebow got more opportunities than he should have because he is who he is. Colin Kaepernick is the one actually being blackballed," another fan added.

"Or maybe, just maybe, Sherman is one of the best corners of his era and Tim Tebow had a career completion percentage of 47%. Maybe that’s why Sherm is in the league and Timmy is not," another fan added.

"Saying Tebow was blackballed is really wild. His old coach gave him an opportunity at a new position after being out the league for SIX seasons. They literally handing him chances he doesn’t deserve, he just isn’t good," one fan wrote. 

Even Tebow would probably admit that the "blackballed" claim is ridiculous.