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Tom Brady Reveals True Feelings On Jimmy Garoppolo Pick

New England Patriots quarterbacks Tom Brady, Jimmy Garoppolo, and Jacoby Brissett jog onto the field.

HOUSTON, TX - FEBRUARY 05: (L-R) Jimmy Garoppolo #10, Tom Brady #12 and Jacoby Brissett #7 of the New England Patriots run on the field prior to Super Bowl 51 against the Atlanta Falcons at NRG Stadium on February 5, 2017 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

The Man in the Arena docuseries about Tom Brady has rehashed a lot of old debates. One of them goes all the way back to 2014, when Jimmy Garoppolo was first drafted to be Brady's heir-apparent.

On the most recent episode of the ESPN show, Brady reflected on the Patriots drafting Garoppolo in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft. Brady said that he was happy to embrace Garoppolo as his teammate. But then Bill Belichick brought up Brady's age and made it clear that he was thinking of the future.

“We drafted Jimmy, and I just thought just like any other time, you embrace him and they’re your teammate...” Brady says. "Now, we drafted Jimmy higher. Coach Belichick referenced my age to me, referenced it to media..."

Brady didn't take kindly to Belichick making his age a factor. He said he didn't care about how his age would factor in.

"In my mind, I was thinking, ‘What are you talking about?’ I think he was just referencing, well, not many quarterbacks have ever played and been successful late in their career, and that’s just a fact. Of course, for me, I was just like, I don’t care about any of those things.”

We all know what happens next: Tom Brady went on to win three more Super Bowls after Garoppolo was drafted. Garoppolo himself got to enjoy two rings as Brady's understudy and helped them win two games as a starter in their 2016 season.

In 2017, Garoppolo was traded to the 49ers, and led them to a Super Bowl in 2019.

But while Garoppolo lost his first Super Bowl after leaving the Patriots, Brady won his with the Buccaneers the following year.

It looks like the Patriots were somewhat off the mark with Garoppolo.