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Tony Romo: Tom Brady Could Retire Then Come Back 2 Years Later

Tony Romo gets interviewed by NBC Sports after a golf tournament.

STATELINE, NEVADA - JULY 14: Tony Romo speaks on TV after winning the American Century Championship at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course on July 14, 2019 in Stateline, Nevada. (Photo by Jonathan Devich/Getty Images)

The entire sports world is waiting to see if Tom Brady will retire this offseason. On Friday's edition of CBS Morning, NFL analyst Tony Romo shared his thoughts on the legendary quarterback's future.

Romo hasn't had any conversations with Brady about potentially retiring this offseason. However, he believes Brady's retirement - whenever it comes - will be quick.

"I don't know any inside information - I haven't talked to Tom about this," Romo said. "But this is how I think he kinda how I think he would retire, just knowing him a little bit, it’s gonna be quick, like 'Whoa, what, boom.' It’s not gonna be this fairy-tale ending."

Then, Romo threw out a hypothetical scenario where Brady comes out of retirement two years later.

"I think sneakily, there’s a chance Tom Brady retires and could come back in two years,” Romo explained. “This is just crazy, but he’s like a bionic man. He’s not hurt, he’s still playing great, he may need to refresh like Jordan and go two years away and maybe start another challenge.”

This seems like an unlikely scenario, but Brady has never been afraid to go against the grain.

Brady will spend time with his family before making a final decision on the 2022 season.

Whenever Brady decides to retire, he'll walk away from the NFL as the most decorated quarterback of all time.