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Troy Aikman Has Brutally Honest Comment On CeeDee Lamb's Usage

A closeup of Troy Aikman.

GLENDALE, AZ - JANUARY 10: Troy Aikman attends the 2010 NFC wild-card playoff game between the Green Bay Packers the Arizona Cardinals at the Universtity of Phoenix Stadium on January 10, 2010 in Glendale, Arizona. The Cardinals defeated the Packers 51-45 in overtime. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Troy Aikman may have been upset that he couldn't call his beloved Dallas Cowboys' playoff game against the 49ers, but he's clearly more upset with how the game played out. Especially when it came to wide receiver CeeDee Lamb.

Appearing on 96.7 The Ticket this week, Aikman lamented seeing Lamb get just one reception against the 49ers. He pointed out that Lamb was in single coverage on a ton of plays and wondered why they didn't try to throw to him more.

Aikman concluded that Dallas' coaches and coaches in general are too married to their schemes and not to exploiting mismatches. He claimed that his former teammate, Hall of Fame wideout Michael Irvin, would've had 10 receptions by halftime if he'd played the way Lamb played.

"They mixed in some coverage, but there was a lot of single coverage on CeeDee Lamb. I hate going back to (when I was playing) because nobody cares, but what I see around the league, it's not just Dallas, I've seen it with a lot of teams, a lot of these offenses want to scheme things. The coordinators, it's all about scheme... Michael Irvin would've had 10 catches at halftime if they played us the way they played CeeDee Lamb in that game... The game is not that difficult. If I've got a great player at wide receiver and a corner is playing him single coverage, throw him the ball. He's going to win most of the time," Aikman said.

But the numbers don't entirely bare out what Troy Aikman was saying about CeeDee Lamb. While the second-year wideout had just one catch, he was targeted five times.

The Cowboys had deeper problems on offense in that fateful game than how many times Lamb got the ball though.

Now all they can do for the next few months is dwell on what went wrong.

It's going to be a long offseason for Cowboys Nation to be sure.