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Tyler Boyd Names The Best Cornerback In The NFL

This Sunday, Tyler Boyd will have to go up against who he thinks is the best cornerback in the NFL.

Boyd, the Bengals wide receiver, said during a press conference on Monday that he thinks Jalen Ramsey of the Los Angeles Rams is the best cornerback in the league.

“I think he’s definitely probably the best cornerback in the NFL,” Boyd said, via Pro Football Talk. “And I think he does a great job of watching film. He’s just so rangy. He’s a big guy. He’s bigger than the average corner, so that’s what helps him a lot — because can cover a lot of range and he can get to a lot of spots sooner than other corners.

"I think we’ve just got to go out there and play our game. If we just play our game and make him play his best, that’s what we need. We love to compete. And no matter wherever he’s at, we’re going to take chances and throw the ball to our guys. But he’s a great player and he understands his assignment, he understands how to play football, and he does a great job of doing that.

"So we’ve got to be at our best — any one of us — when we go out there and line up in front of him to figure out ways to win our matchup.”

The good news is Jalen Ramsey can't cover everyone.

The Bengals have a trio of studs at the wide receiver position, including Tyler Boyd, Ja'Marr Chase and Tee Higgins.

Joe Burrow would be wise to throw away from Ramsey on Sunday.