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Urban Meyer Responds To Former Player's Troubling Accusation

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer on the field.

CINCINNATI, OHIO - SEPTEMBER 30: Head coach Urban Meyer of the Jacksonville Jaguars looks on against the Cincinnati Bengals during the first half of an NFL football game at Paul Brown Stadium on September 30, 2021 in Cincinnati, Ohio. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Former Ohio State defensive back Marcus Williamson turned some heads over the weekend by making some severe accusations against Urban Meyer. In a series of tweets during and after the Buckeyes appearance in the Rose Bowl, Williamson alleged that Meyer had threatened him and used a photo of the late Trayvon Martin to illustrate the program’s “no hoodie indoors” policy, while he was in charge of the Ohio State program.

The shocking accusation stunned the college football world and led to a number of ex-Buckeyes players taking to social media to defend their former head coach and program.

Meyer, who's already been in the public eye as of late after being fired by the Jacksonville Jaguars, categorically denied Williamson's claims with a firm statement over the weekend, according to Jeff Snook.

"‘Our team rule was no hats or hoodies or sunglasses of any kind but only in team meetings, just so we could see their eyes and make sure they were paying attention and not asleep. We did not, and never would show a picture of Trayvon Martin. My gosh, no. That is absolutely false and you can check with any other player on my teams during that time to confirm what I am saying," Meyer said per Snook, an Ohio State alum and reporter, who then relayed the message on Facebook. "Other players know what he is saying is false. I would never do that. He is crossing the line here. It seems people are just piling on now. But that never happened.'"

Meyer left Ohio State in 2018, after a very successful tenure in charge of the program. He led the Buckeyes to three Big Ten titles and won the national championship following the 2014 season.

However, Meyer's tenure didn't come without controversy, which followed him to his latest job with the Jaguars. In his first season as an NFL head coach, the 57-year-old was fired after just 13 games due to a number of blunders, both inside the locker room and out.

Time will tell if more comes out about Williamson's accusation, following Meyer's firm denial.