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NFL Coach Reveals What Urban Meyer Said After Loss

On Sunday, the Denver Broncos will take on the New York Jets in what many fans are calling an "easy game." Broncos head coach Vic Fangio, however, doesn't agree with that idea.

While speaking to reporters this Wednesday, Fangio shared what Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer had to say about the NFL following this past Sunday's loss to the Broncos.

Meyer, who spent nearly two decades as a head coach at the collegiate level, told Fangio that you're playing Alabama every week in the NFL.

"This is the NFL," Fangio said. "I don't know Urban Meyer at all, really. I met him the other day, shook his hand before and after the game. His comment to me was that every week is like playing Alabama in the NFL. Everyone is capable of beating everyone in this league."

Meyer made similar comments during a recent interview with Yahoo! Sports insider Pete Thamel.

Unlike college football, there's no serious talent gap in the NFL. That's why fans are taught that anyone can win on any given Sunday.

Unfortunately for Meyer, the Jaguars are off to an 0-2 start this season and have a tough challenge ahead of them this weekend. He'll lead his team into battle against the Arizona Cardinals.

Fangio, meanwhile, will try to lead the Broncos to a 3-0 start.