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Video Of Eli Manning Going Viral During Cowboys-Eagles Game

Peyton and Eli Manning on Week 2 Monday Night Football simulcast on ESPN2.


On Monday night, the Dallas Cowboys hosted the Philadelphia Eagles in a pivotal NFC East clash between rivals.

While Dak Prescott and Jalen Hurts were supposed to take center stage, it was the Manning brothers who stole the show once again. ESPN is continuing its ManningCast program for fans who want to hear Peyton and Eli Manning commentate on Monday Night Football.

During the game tonight, video show Eli Manning trying to recreate Dak Prescott's viral warm-up from last season. It made for an incredible moment on the show, with Eli comparing himself to Shakira.

"These hips don't lie," Eli said on the show Monday night. "I'm like Shakira. The hips don't lie, Peyt. That's why I can throw it further than you. My hips are looser."

Check it out.

Amazing. The Manning's were incredibly successful during their NFL careers, but they might be even better in this role.

Earlier tonight, the Manning's announced who their guests for tonight's show would be.

Guest No. 1 will be Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford, followed by Los Angeles Lakers megastar LeBron James. Alabama head coach Nick Saban will be third, and former NFL defensive end Chris Long will be the fourth.

The Mannings might be taking over Monday Night Football.