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Watch: Awkward Postgame Handshake Between Mack Brown, Manny Diaz

Manny Diaz and Mack Brown postgame handshake.


Manny Diaz was on the wrong side of a thrilling game between Miami and North Carolina. To make matters worse, he had a really uncomfortable postgame exchange with Mack Brown just a few moments after the loss.

The Hurricanes were in the Tar Heels' territory trailing 47-42 with 18 seconds left when freshman quarterback Tyler Van Dyke had his pass attempt intercepted. It was a heartbreaking finish for the Hurricanes, especially since they erased a 45-34 lead in the fourth quarter.

Once the final whistle was blown, Brown and Diaz met at midfield for what was supposed to be a friendly conversation. Instead, it resulted in Brown pulling Diaz's arm with a giant smirk on his face.

What made this postgame handshake so awkward was the fact that Brown fired Diaz back in 2013 when they were both at Texas. Diaz was fired because his defense was torn apart by former BYU quarterback Taysom Hill.

Several people shared their thoughts on that awkward exchange between Brown and Diaz on social media. "Manny Diaz was NOT happy during the handshake w Mack Brown," Fox Sports radio host Colin Cowherd said. "Of course, it was a brutal loss for the Canes."

"I’m no body language expert, but gonna go on a limb and say Manny Diaz — who Mack Brown previously fired midseason —wanted ZERO part of this interaction … whether it was after a win or loss," Taylor Gaspar Estes of 247Sports said.

Judging by the video, it seems like Diaz had no interest in hearing what Brown had to say.

Diaz was not asked about his handshake with Brown during his postgame press conference, so no one really knows what was said at midfield.