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Watch: Things Got Very Heated On 'First Take' This Morning

Stephen A. Smith discusses Kawhi Leonard's future on First Take.

Tempers are known to run hot on ESPN's "First Take," but on Wednesday, Stephen A. Smith and Chris "Mad Dog" Russo were in rare form during an argument regarding the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Russo, despite being a diehard Giants fan, doesn't believe Barry Bonds belongs in the Hall. Meanwhile, Smith vehemently disagrees. Saying that Bonds and players like Roger Clemens belong in the Hall of Fame, even if an asterisk is included - if they must.

The two sports personalities went at it (loudly) for six minutes and some change. The spirited debate continued to grow in volume as moderator Molly Qerim sat back watching the back-and-forth, occasionally trying to hold in a laugh.

"Look at the numbers," Stephen A. exclaimed. "If you look at Barry Bonds you're trying to tell me he's not a Hall of Famer?... the 'integrity' stop it!"

"[Roger] Maris had his hair falling out," Russo yelled. Did the record legitimately. And then [Mark] McGwire, Bonds and [Sammy] Sosa cheat to break the record of a guy whose hair is falling out and I’m supposed to put them in the Hall of Fame?” he asked.

The exchange on "First Take" didn't change anything, but it was entertaining.