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A Florida Fan Created A Craigslist Ad Soliciting Women To Entrap Florida State Football Players

FSU player entrapment Craigslist advertisement.

College football fans are known for their passion, but sometimes a select few of them can go overboard. This is undoubtedly one of those instances. 

A Florida fan put up an ad on Tallahassee Craigslist yesterday, seeking women who would be willing to entrap Florida State football players. One of the criteria listed: "must be able to take beating by a guy twice your size and be willing to speak to the media the next day (assuming your jaw isn’t broken)."

Here's a glimpse at the full ad. 

FSU player entrapment Craigslist advertisement.

FSU Craigslist Ad

Now, the 'Noles program has made some awful headlines lately, but those are serious matters. Making light of them in this manner is not cool. We'd imagine the ad would have to be taken down soon, though you can still find it here.